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The perfect combo for love is made up of laughter and tears, just like a great rom-com!

We are hopeless romantics and get all giddy when stories are being told about the day you first met, how you knew you found “the one” and the day of the proposal!

At the core of our design and styling are stories, each unique and all are waiting to be told. So when it comes to your wedding, let us create a celebration where you can share your story and kick back so you enjoy those moments with loved ones.

Our Team

Love a mixed bag of goodies?! We are just that but the really really GOOD kind! Our team is a bunch of creatives, dreamers, makers, do-ers – pretty much we get things done.

All the great things in life inspire us: people, architecture, interiors, food, nature, travel. When it comes to details, big or small, we obsess over every single detail, so you don’t have to worry!

We are imaginative and innovative. We push boundaries. We are storytellers.

We love a freshly brewed cup of coffee, it soothes us when we start work at the crack of dawn and on days when we work through the night.

We don’t discriminate, we also love a warm pot of tea leaves! We are a sucker for the green varieties and a really good chai.

Let’s have a chat, we want to hear your story! Drop us an email here